Sport Equipment

Health Circuit - Outdoor Sports Sets - Mader Play


A collection of elements that make up a motivational social space where people can partake selectively in physical exercises, without age limits or contraindications.

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Running Circuit -  Outdoor Sports Sets - Mader Play


The objective of psychomotricity is to stimulate and increase the individual’s ability to interact with their environment. This circuit of traditional elements combines both aerobic and anaerobic elements.

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Bicycle Circuit - Outdoor Sports Sets - Mader Play


We bring different elements together such as ramps, bumps and obstacles to make a course for bikes, guaranteeing fun and entertainment for the users while testing their skill set.

→ see Bicycle Circuit

Multisport Pitch - Outdoor Sports Sets - Mader Play


Multiple sport spaces in one area, the most quality certified on the market, “To bring sport into an urban setting and making it more accessible to the young” . These Agorespaces are miniature sports centres that facilitate the playing of 8 sports in all, for all to use freely as they wish.

→ see Multisport Pitch

Agility Circuit | Outdoor Sports Sets | Maderplay


Agility is a sportive activity for dogs which consists to succeed a circuit of obstacles in a given time guiding by the master. The dog can practice this activity as leisure activity or as competition.

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Minigolf Circuit - Outdoor Sports Sets - Maderplay


Maderplay Minigolfe courses are ideal to install in leisure areas like parks, gardens, hotels, shopping centers or camping parks.

→ see Minigolf Circuit

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