Production process


In the production process we use diverse materials. This way we achieve a level of quality and safety which meet and surpass our clients demands.

THE MAIN STRUCTURES are made of forest pine pre-glued laminate (five sheets). The laminated wood is pre-glued, to ensure that every part of every section is treated. The wood is treated with a base of hydrosoluble salts free of chrome and arsenic (risk level IV), by a vacuum-pressure-vacuum system done in an autoclave.

THE PLATFORMS consist of panels of birch plywood of 21mm and of 12mm for roof panels.
These panels are joined with phenolic resins and is perfectly apt for the outdoors.

THE PANELS that we use are made from compact HPL (high pressure laminated) board in a variety of colours.

METAL FITTINGS are used to form structural supports, square joints, hooks, etc. The treatment process that these undergo is an anticorrosion process, hot dipped galvanising or zinc plated, dichromated with a layer of complex hydrated conversion coat JS-500 (a process which is similar to hot dipped galvanising)

THE GRIPS AND PROTECTIVE ELEMENTS include some metallic or decorative elements, they are protected by PPA plastic, that covers the metal with a smooth layer of between 0.8mm – 1mm.

CHAINS, BOLTS AND SCREWS are made from stainless steel and depending on the use, the fasteners may be dichromated.

THE SLIDES are made from polyester reinforced with fibre glass and as an option are available in stainless steel AYSI 314 with side panels in HPL with a width of 18mm.

“Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 100% con recursos REACT UE, a través del Programa Operativo FSE 2014-2020 de Navarra, como parte de la respuesta de la Unión a la pandemia de COVID-19”
“Enpresa honek laguntza jaso du, EBko REACT baliabideek % 100ean konfinantzatua, Nafarroako EGIF 2014-2020 Programa Operatiboaren bidez, COVID-19aren pandemiaren aurrean Europako Batasunak izandako erantzunaren zati gisa”