Eleven playgrounds in Pamplona have integrated play areas for all children, even disabled:

Pamplona’s Eleven playgrounds have swings and games designed for children with disabilities or mobility impairments. The Urban Conservation Area of the Municipality of Pamplona considers these playgrounds as games of integration. “Such swings are not exclusively for children with disabilities, because it is a way to integrate them to play with other children at the same games,” said the Urban Conservation Area representative.

From the Urban Conservation department of the City of Pamplona, Councilman Ignacio Polo stated that with the 90 playgrounds in the city, this has supplied virtually every neighborhoods demand for a playground. “The goal now is to maintain, replace equipment of the parks with more modern games, and repair components such as swings that have become obsolete or damaged,” he said.

Polo Ignacio said that in addition to being outdoors, except the park in the old bus station, the other major damage suffered by these swings are caused by harsh cleaning products to clean graffiti. “High pressure sand is used which eventually ends up damaging the paint and materials,” he said.


“The park should be accessible as a whole”

For 8 years, the company Maderplay, based on the Poligono Comarca II in Esquiroz, is responsible for cleaning and maintenance of playgrounds in Pamplona. The company started 15 years ago and has a staff of 20 employees who design, manufacture, assemble and maintain city playgrounds. In addition, all items that leave Maderplay’s factory have the certification of the German company TUV which ensures that the swings are complient to European security standards.

In recent years, as well as swings, seesaws, slides, towers … etc, Maderplay has entered the healthy children’s playground market and created games similar to the circuit elements of gyms for adults. In addition, the continuous rubber flooring of different colors and shapes that are in the play area and accessible playgrounds. “Not only the swing, it is the whole play area that needs to be accessible. The success of the playgrounds is that the games are shared, “says Oscar Sanz, commercial director at Maderplay. The old iron swings have given way to other materials such as laminated wood, polyethylene and treated galvanized steel.

Regarding maintenance, Maderplay inspects every playground twice a week. Sanz says that since we are the manufacturers, if there are any broken or damaged parts, the replacement and repair is almost immediate. Sanz conceeds that the main deterioration in children’s areas is generated by graffiti, “but generally we can say that Pamplona is a good city with little vandalism compared to playgrounds and in other cities, “he added.

Source : Diario de Navarra, April 21, 2011