Study by consumer magazine: care and upkeep of playgrounds

Pamplona: Safe and clean playgrounds.

According to a study carried out by the latest issue of “Consumer” magazine about the state and maintenance of children’s playgrounds in 18 different Spanish cities, Pamplona along with Cordoba were the highest ranking.

We at Maderplay are delighted with this report given all the care and effort we take trying to provide a quality service, and are delighted with the praise for our company which has been entrusted with safety and maintenance of Pamplona’s playgrounds for over 10 years, in this time we have always backed the importance of up to date regular training for our technicians. It’s fitting to point out that Maderplay’s standard of maintenance is certified by AENOR.

The consumer magazine by the Eroski foundation is a consumers association that has been writing about and defending consumer rights for more than 20 years.


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