Swing sets modified for children with disabilities in Pamplona

Maderplay installs in four children´s parks in Pamplona swing sets for children with disabilities. This is a result of a petition from Pamplona´s city hall.

Aspace association has applauded these installations for disabled children in Iturrama, Mendebaldea, San Jorge y Rochapea

Pamplona´s city hall is the first administration to enact this proposal. The proposal was created by children of VirgenOrreaga School, from Ramón y Cajal center. This center is subsidized by Navarra´s government and administrated by the Navarra Residential AspaceFundation.

These children, according to the association, participated in the Imagine your city contest. They created a model for children´s Play grounds where children with disabilities can play like the other children.

Their model not only won them first prize bus also enabled Aspace to request from different Institutions of Navarra the need to adapt children´s playground  areas so that chairs are no longer an obstacle to have fun.

Source: Diario de Navarra, March 25 2012

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