Quality and the environment




Our commitment to quality is key to our strategy at Mader Play.Quality as we understand it is, providing an exceptional service to our customers, as in the use and management of certified products and materials.

All of our products conform to the highest possible standards available to assure our clients they are guaranteed a satisfactory end product.

Quality policy and the environment

Our commitment to quality, respect for the environment and excellence of service are the principles on which Mader Play was created.

These principles run through every aspect of our company, being environmentally friendly is one of our most fundamental values, our work ethic of a job well done and adhering to current legislation, these values are highlighted below.

THE LEADERSHIP OF TTHE MANAGEMENT, Leading by example they take the quality and environmental policy of the company very seriously. Shaping it through regular reappraisal of aims and standards set.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, as a principal objective, providing products of a such a quality that they will satisfy their needs and expectations, making sure that at the same time utmost respect and care for the environment are shown throughout the whole production process.

PROCESS CONTROL, que garantiza el seguimiento de las diferentes actividades en base a indicadores, obteniendo información cuantificable que contribuye a poner en marcha actuaciones que mejoran, tanto los productos como los procesos en la gestión.

ADHERENCE TO LAWS AND LEGISLATION, guaranteeing our commitment to be environmentally friendly in areas such as contamination prevention and fulfilling legal requisites, and others which the company subscribes to, these refer to environmental issues that affect each step of the process.

PARTICIPATION AND TEAMWORK, Inspiring the group participation of all the Maderplay workforce, planning and developing processes. Facilitating continuous learning and taking responsibility as well as the afore mentioned commitment to quality and the environment.

COMMUNICATION WITH SUPPLIERS ANS CUSTOMERS ALIKE, within the framework of our quality and environmental policy, based on trust, transparency, loyalty and mutual respect as a challenge for the attainment of common goals.

CONTINUOUS INNOVATION AND IMPROVEMENT, as a strategic value and future guarantee that contributes the necessary tools for a favourable postioning in society.

Management sets out the obligatory standards for all members of the organisation to adhere to in the quality and environmental manual.

Mader Play utilises a system to manage quality and environmental issues which conforms to standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and 14001. Striving always to continually improve the efficiency of these standards.